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A while ago someone left a message on one of my pages…

“… Recently I came up with a progression for a solo that I thought would not only make the song more interesting but also would force me out of “autopilot”. Well it did well on that last part – I just don’t seem be able to figure out something that outlines the progression AND sounds good. It goes like this: Esus2-G#m-Emaj7-C#m-F#maj7-Cm7b5-G#m-C#sus4-C#. I wanted it to sound interesting and a little “outside”; no pentatonics. Which scales would you apply over this? I’d really appreciate your input! Jan.”

I did wonder how best to answer this, because the your choice of scales is really a matter of personal taste – especially if you want to sound a little more “outside”.

Often what I do is get the chords looping, pick up my guitar and then just free flow some notes and ideas. Just play whatever comes into your head, and let yourself go with the flow. Don’t worry too much about scales, just find some notes and phrases that seem to work over the changes and then expand on them.

So, while I’ve dodged your question Jan, hopefully this Jam Track will give you something to play with…

The chord sequence is basically as Jan wrote, above. However I grouped the final C#sus4 and C# into one bar, to create an 8 bar sequence. The track loops around this chord progression then finishes on a F#maj7.

I’ve no idea what style, tempo, or sound you were going for but hopefully this isn’t too jarring.




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